Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In testing can you explain the concept of work bench?

Work bench is a way of
documenting how a specific activity has to be performed. A
work bench is referred as phases, steps and tasks as

There are four sections for every work bench:-

Input : - Every task needs some defined input and entrance
criteria. So for every work bench we need defined inputs.
Input fo rms the first steps of the work bench. Execute : -
This is the main task of the work bench which will transform
the input in to expected output.
Check: - Check steps assure that the output after execution
meets the desired result.
Production output : - If the check is right Production
output forms the exit criteria of the workbench.
Rework : - During the check step if the output is not as
desired then we need to again start from the execute step.

In real scenarios projects is not made of one work bench but
of many connected work benches. A work bench gives you a way
of organized thinking to perform any kind of task with
proper testing. You can visualize every software phase as a
work bench with execute and check steps. The most important
point to note is if we visualize any task as a work bench by
default we have the check part in the task. Below figure
shows how every software phase can be visualized with a
concept of workbench. Let us understand the work bench
concept in a detailed fashion:-
Requirement phase work bench: - Input is the customer’s
requirement, we execute the task of writing a requirement
document, we check if the requirement document addresses all
the c ustomer needs and the output is the requirement document.
Design phase work bench: - Input is the requirement
document, we execute the task of preparing a technical
document, review / check is done to see if the design
document is technically correct and addresses all the
requirements mentioned in the requirement document and
output is a technical document.

Execution phase work bench: - This is the actual execution
of the project. Input is the technical document; execution
is nothing but implementation / coding according to the
technical document and output of this phase is the
implementation / source code.
Testing phase work bench: - This is the testing phase of the
project. Input is the source code which needs to be tested;
execution is executing the test case and output is the test
Deployment phase work bench: - This is the deployment phase.
There are two inputs
for this phase one is the source code which needs to be
deployed and that is dependent on the test results. Output
of this project is that the customer gets the product which
he can
now start using.
Maintenance phase work bench: - Input to this phase is the
deployment results, execution is implementing change request
from the end customer, check part is nothing but running
regression testing after every change request implementation
and output is a new release after every change request

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