Monday, July 1, 2013

GUI and Usability Test Scenarios

1. All fields on page (e.g. text box, radio options, dropdown lists) should be aligned properly 2. Numeric values should be right justified unless specified otherwise 3. Enough space should be provided between field labels, columns, rows, error messages etc. 4. Scroll bar should be enabled only when necessary 5. Font size, style and color for headline, description text, labels, infield data, and grid info should be standard as specified in SRS 6. Description text box should be multi-line 7. Disabled fields should be grayed out and user should not be able to set focus on these fields 8. Upon click of any input text field, mouse arrow pointer should get changed to cursor 9. User should not be able to type in drop down select lists 10. Information filled by users should remain intact when there is error message on page submit. User should be able to submit the form again by correcting the errors 11. Check if proper field labels are used in error messages 12. Dropdown field values should be displayed in defined sort order 13. Tab and Shift+Tab order should work properly 14. Default radio options should be pre-selected on page load 15. Field specific and page level help messages should be available 16. Check if correct fields are highlighted in case of errors 17. Check if dropdown list options are readable and not truncated due to field size limit 18. All buttons on page should be accessible by keyboard shortcuts and user should be able to perform all operations using keyboard 19. Check all pages for broken images 20. Check all pages for broken links 21. All pages should have title 22. Confirmation messages should be displayed before performing any update or delete operation 23. Hour glass should be displayed when application is busy 24. Page text should be left justified 25. User should be able to select only one radio option and any combination for check boxes.

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