Monday, July 1, 2013

General Test Scenarios

1. All mandatory fields should be validated and indicated by asterisk (*) symbol 2. Validation error messages should be displayed properly at correct position 3. All error messages should be displayed in same CSS style (e.g. using red color) 4. General confirmation messages should be displayed using CSS style other than error messages style (e.g. using green color) 5. Tool tips text should be meaningful 6. Dropdown fields should have first entry as blank or text like ‘Select’ 7. Delete functionality for any record on page should ask for confirmation 8. Select/deselect all records options should be provided if page supports record add/delete/update functionality 9. Amount values should be displayed with correct currency symbols 10. Default page sorting should be provided 11. Reset button functionality should set default values for all fields 12. All numeric values should be formatted properly 13. Input fields should be checked for max field value. Input values greater than specified max limit should not be accepted or stored in database 14. Check all input fields for special characters 15. Field labels should be standard e.g. field accepting user’s first name should be labeled properly as ‘First Name’ 16. Check page sorting functionality after add/edit/delete operations on any record 17. Check for timeout functionality. Timeout values should be configurable. Check application behavior after operation timeout 18. Check cookies used in an application 19. Check if downloadable files are pointing to correct file paths 20. All resource keys should be configurable in config files or database instead of hard coding 21. Standard conventions should be followed throughout for naming resource keys 22. Validate markup for all web pages (validate HTML and CSS for syntax errors) to make sure it is compliant with the standards 23. Application crash or unavailable pages should be redirected to error page 24. Check text on all pages for spelling and grammatical errors 25. Check numeric input fields with character input values. Proper validation message should appear 26. Check for negative numbers if allowed for numeric fields 27. Check amount fields with decimal number values 28. Check functionality of buttons available on all pages 29. User should not be able to submit page twice by pressing submit button in quick succession. 30. Divide by zero errors should be handled for any calculations 31. Input data with first and last position blank should be handled correctly

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