Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Test Cases Samples

Write test cases for copy & paste in MS Word

1. Verify that the text which is selected for copy, that area should get highlighted.
2. Verify that on the selected text if right click is done then copy option should be enabled and paste option should be disabled.
3. Verify that once the selected area is copied then in the right click paste option should get enabled
4. Verify if the text is not selected then cut and copy should be disabled in the right click option.
5. Verify that the using the short cut keys like CTRL+C, CTRL+V the text are getting pastes.
6. Verify that using Edit menu option the user is able to copy and paste the text.
7. Verify that if some text area is selected and right click paste is done then copied text should get overwrite on the selected text.
8. Verify that the copy should copy the content with own format.
9. Verify that Paste function should paste the content n times.

Test Cases for White Board

1. Verify the Length & Width of the Board
2. Verify the Surface of the Board
3. Check whether you can able to write on the board
4. Check written words are visible
5. Try to erase the words written & write a new words

Test Cases for Save As Button in MS Office:

* Give ctrl + S save as dialogue box should be appear.
* Goto File->Save AS, save as Dialogue box should be appear.
* To give File name, File name Field should be availabld.
* To choose the document type Save as type combo box should be available.
* To navigate to the desired path to save the file.. navigational buttons should be available.
* To change the view of the folder icons, Change view button should be display.
* On clicking save button, the File should be saved in the given path.
* On Clicking cancel button or Close(x) button or Press Esc Key, the save as dialogue box should be closed and the cursor should blink in the document.

Test Cases for Note Pad as "Save"
Click File-Save (should open a window and should ask you the file name and path as well)

Check for .extension like it should be .txt only

Check for short-key like (Ctrl+S) and ask for same option as above (should open an window and should ask you the file name and path as well)

Save as (should open the same window with same file name path)

If you change that file name and path in that window then it should accept.

If you dont give any name in it then data should not be saved.

Should accept all alph-numeric, space and special characters.

Add huge amount of data the file and test the time taken for saving the file.


Keep on adding huge and save every time you add data, and test how much data a notepad can save..


If you add enormous amount of data (say 100 MB data), notepad fails to save the data.

Add huge data till notepad fails to save the data and test at what point notepad fails to save the data.

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