Thursday, April 28, 2011

SQ and Testing Life Cycle specified by IEEE and ISO standards:

Review of the software requirement specifications

Objectives is set for the Major releases

Target Date planned for the Releases

Detailed Project Plan is build. This includes the decision on Design Specifications

Develop Test Plan based on Design Specifications

Test Plan : This includes Objectives, Methodology adopted while testing, Features to
be tested and not to be tested, risk criteria, testing schedule, multi-
platform support and the resource allocation for testing.

Test Specifications
This document includes technical details ( Software requirements )
required prior to the testing.

Writing of Test Cases
Smoke(BVT) test cases
Sanity Test cases
Regression Test Cases
Negative Test Cases
Extended Test Cases

Development – Modules developed one by one

Installers Binding: Installers are build around the individual product.

Build procedure :
A build includes Installers of the available products – multiple platforms.

Smoke Test (BVT) Basic application test to take decision on further testing

Testing of new features
Cross-platform testing
Stress testing and memory leakage testing.

Bug Reporting
Bug report is created

Development – Code freezing
No more new features are added at this point.

Builds and regression testing.

Decision to release the product
Post-release Scenario for further objectives.

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